Current Writing Projects

Epic Fantasy

“TBA” is codename for my largest project, currently undergoing changes in its fourth draft. The book is scheduled to be in its final drafting stages by May or June of 2019, and if I’m lucky, ready for query by September 2019. Because of the length of this project, it’s taking a bit longer than other manuscripts to prepare. Both my editor and I refuse to think about calling the manuscript finished until every note sings.

While it would be great for this novel to be my debut, due to its length (expected 180-200k) I don’t expect such endeavors to be easy. “TBA” is the first of the four-book series, but I don’t intend to draft the second book until I’ve gotten a deal for at least one novel to be published. In a perfect world, this book would get a deal as my debut and I would continue work on the “TBA” series immediately. In a more realistic world, I expect the publication of “AoM” to come first.

The first book of my smaller epic fantasy series has been outlined in full since November 2018 and will see its first draft completed by December 2019. This manuscript was originally planned to be drafted in February 2019, but was moved back to make time for finishing the final drafts of “AoM” and “TBA”, as I very much want to start querying for agents before finishing a fourth manuscript.

Writing this trilogy may be stalled depending on the success/failure of querying for “TBA”. Because of the popular genre and planned size of “TFOL” (expected 100k-135k), I expect to have less trouble getting this published than “TBA”. However, in the event “TBA” does get a deal first, work on TFoL will be put on the backburner so that I can focus on the sequels to “TBA”.

If “TFOL” does manage to get a deal before “TBA,” I will be finishing its two sequels before focusing on the sequels to “TBA.”

Stand-Alone Fantasy

I finished the first draft of “AoM” in a single month for NaNoWriMo 2018 (80k.) Although I had not anticipated much for the ‘shot in the dark’ novel, I was pleasantly surprised when I wrote the ending at how intrigued I was by the manuscript as a whole.

Because of the popular genre, story and low word count of this stand-alone fantasy novel (75k-90k), “AoM” quickly became my best contender for a debut novel. It knocked “Codename: Bird Book” onto the backburner without too much of a second thought.

As of December 2018, the storyline is undergoing some much-needed honing as far as a magic system and world building goes. I look forward to starting the second draft in early 2019. The goal is to have the fourth and final draft ready for query by August 2019, shortly followed by the finish of “TBA”.

I finished the first draft of my stand-alone fantasy “Codename: Bird Book” (85k) in July 2018, and the second draft was finished in October 2018. I started the third draft at the beginning of December, but quickly realized that the story needed a lot more work, and the characters needed a lot more love. It was no longer coming along fast enough to reach my goals for 2019.

The book is currently on the backburner until I have “AoM” and “TBA” completely finished and out for query. Priority-wise, “Codename: Bird Book” is behind “TFOL”.
With any luck, I should be able to start working on drafting this piece again by September 2019, and is looking at a final draft sometime in the middle of 2020.

I will start the OUTLINE for my third stand-alone fantasy manuscript “The Cat Book” sometime in January 2019. Because of the nature of this little fairy tale, it will be the first of my projects I officially plan to illustrate.

I plan to write the first draft during NaNoWriMo (Nov.) 2019. (Exp 90k word count)

This project is currently in the very beginning stages of development. All in the head, waiting to have time to be put to storyline. Storyline expected to be started in December 2019.

Short Fiction

“The Inventor”
The Inventor, first short story in my planned sci-fi collection for “The Great Methods of Cerces,” was drafted and finished in October 2018. It was submitted to a publication in the same month, but was rejected. I’ve been unable to do research enough to start submitting it again. In January 2019, I hope to be sending the story out once more. Let’s hope things work out!

“Cerbera Odallum” 
This short story (3k) is planned to be finished and ready for submission soon.

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