Current Writing Projects

Epic Fantasy

“TBA” is codename for my largest project. An epic fantasy series set on Earth, the first book was completed, in its final draft, in July 2019. It is now being queried to agents for representation.

The sequel is in the rough draft and outlining stage.

Originally anticipated to be a project I post the first draft of, I am now not so sure if posting the first draft is the correct approach. This story is in its first draft stage as of April 2019.

I continue to work on it in my spare time, but it is not my main focus. (See “The Cat Book” for my main focus.)

What was originally intended to be a smaller fantasy series to be worked on in December 2019, it has now become something I’d like to be larger scale, and likely a precursor to the universe of TBA. I won’t be visiting this project again until after the entire series of TBA is finished. Which may be years and years from now, as I am currently finding my ground as an author of smaller-scale fantasy first.

Stand-Alone, non-epic Fantasy

While TBA is in its querying stages, “The Cat Book” has become my focus as a writer (while working on the TBA sequel and “monks” on the side). Because of TBA’s size, this shorter fantasy (95k target) is meant to go forth as a debut in case I fail to get a deal with TBA.

The manuscript was started in early August with the intention to see its final draft and be in querying stage by March 2020.

I finished the first draft of “AoM” in a single month for NaNoWriMo 2018 (80k.) Although I had not anticipated much for the ‘shot in the dark’ novel, I was pleasantly surprised when I wrote the ending at how intrigued I was by the manuscript as a whole.

As of August 2019, the book has been put on the back burner due to lack of passion in the project. I may return to it to write a novella at some point.

I finished the first draft of my stand-alone fantasy “Codename: Bird Book” (85k) in July 2018, and the second draft was finished in October 2018. I started the third draft at the beginning of December, but quickly realized that the story needed a lot more work, and the characters needed a lot more love. It was no longer coming along fast enough to reach my goals for 2019.

It is looking at a final draft sometime in the middle of 2021.

This project is currently in the very beginning stages of development. All in the head, waiting to have time to be put to storyline. Storyline expected to be started in December 2019.

Short Fiction

“The Inventor”
The Inventor, first short story in my planned sci-fi collection for “The Great Methods of Cerces,” was drafted and finished in October 2018. It was submitted to a publication in the same month, but was rejected. I’ve been unable to do research enough to start submitting it again. In January 2019, I hope to be sending the story out once more. Let’s hope things work out!

“Cerbera Odallum” 
This short story (3k) is planned to be finished and ready for submission soon.

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