Me. He/She/They (fluid). Illustrator. Writer. Trans. Queer. Polyamorous. Neurodivergent (I identify with Elyn Saks). Pagan. Tattoos. Pierced. Sex positive. Dungeon Master. Maine Coons. Food. Chickens. Homesteader. Fuck.

My Worlds. Dystopian. Utopian. LGBTQ. Fantasy. Speculative. Mental health awareness. Long hair. Tattoos. Morally-gray. Vulnerable anti-heroes. Beautiful men. Intelligent women. Incredible non-binary. Homophobia-free. Sex positive. All colors.

My Inspiration:

Words. Brandon Sanderson. N.K. Jemisin. Patrick Rothfuss. Susanna Clarke. Diana Gabaldon. T.S. Eliot. Stephen King. George R.R. Martin. Gerald Brom. William Blake. Mervyn Peake.

Images. Sam Weber. Gerald Brom. Phil Hale. Allen Williams. Bougeureau. Scott Fischer.

Bad Inspiration?

If you are misunderstood, you are not alone.

When I was young, and even now that I am older, my personality quirks were often frowned upon by parents, family members, teachers, etc. I was told when I was younger that I was ‘bad news’ and was not allowed to socialize with friends outside of school because parents feared I would rub off on their children. Now that I am older, people still call me ‘crazy’, ‘whore’, ‘insane’, ‘different’, ‘impossible to understand’, just because I may not function the way most others do. This bullying is due to a lack of mental health awareness in general society. For a long time, I failed to live a happy life due to my own lack of understanding , awareness, and acceptance of what I (and sometimes what others ) was going through.

If society has ever called you ‘bad’, you are not alone. You are not bad.

Be proud of who you are, embrace who you are, and fuck anyone who doesn’t like it.

I do still paint/illustrate from time to time, but hardly ever for work. Most of my time spent painting is for my books, or to help other aspiring artists. Always feel free to contact me about art tips, but please never contact me looking for professional work, as I’m far too busy writing these days. Watch my Twitter account (@DCMcNaughton) for any openings.

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