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TBA Final Draft Complete

Well, what can I say? I do believe it’s finally done. I didn’t get a chance to announce that TBA’s final draft was finished nearly a month ago now, but yes, it is done. Still, I’ve been swimming in a sea of work. The Beta Testers and Querying AheadMy beta readers–hopefully the last readers before…

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TBA 4th Draft Completed

After relentlessly cutting 96k out of a 298k draft, I finally finished this current draft of TBA. It took too long untangling the story to get it to a place that was manageable, but that draft is finally done--and I actually hit my goal to finish it by May 1. I've received intensely wonderful responses from my group of test readers--Now, it needs one more pass to fix residual plot funks, and get it down to my wordcount down to 175k or less.

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5 Reasons You Hate Your Writing that Your Friends are Too Afraid to Tell You

Sometimes there are obvious reasons why we hate our work -- hating our work is part of the natural creative cycle. However, there are some reasons we hate our work that can be avoided. But no one ever wants to talk about them because 'they're mean', or 'if I tell you this I'll hurt your feelings'.

Well, here's the thing. If you're going to get any better, you need to know the reasons that your so-called 'friends' aren't telling you.

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The Writer’s Sketch

Working on a full-length story is great -- but sometimes following the rules can be exhausting and can often prevent a writer from having the fun they used to have. Learning how to do the Writer's Sketch can help you break away from the mundane, and even open doorways to starting future stories.

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