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The Writer’s Sketch

Working on a full-length story is great -- but sometimes following the rules can be exhausting and can often prevent a writer from having the fun they used to have. Learning how to do the Writer's Sketch can help you break away from the mundane, and even open doorways to starting future stories.

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A Whole New Year.

2019 is special because I have finally come far enough in my studies that I can breathe fresh air again and start getting myself out there. With hopes of finalizing two manuscripts this year, I have a lot ahead of me, and I’m really excited.I have been waiting for years and years to get the…

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Fat on Christmas

It’s Christmas, and somehow I’m not surprised that I have eaten too much. This has, of course, left me feeling rather gross — which means nothing is being accomplished. I’m trying to write but instead all I can think about is that biscotti I probably shouldn’t have eaten an hour ago. I keep telling myself…

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