TBA Final Draft Complete

Well, what can I say? I do believe it’s finally done. I didn’t get a chance to announce that TBA’s final draft was finished nearly a month ago now, but yes, it is done. Still, I’ve been swimming in a sea of work.

The Beta Testers and Querying Ahead
My beta readers–hopefully the last readers before I query for agents–will be receiving their hard copies in the mail very soon. The hard copies came out nice–I printed them because I think the internet is evil and had the audacity to hope that printing a book as a book would make my betas less likely to drift off to Twitter while reading. Because I’m an absolute control freak I guess.

Still, it’s fun to see them in print, although admittedly I contracted a bit of imposter’s syndrome and felt like an arrogant ass for printing it for my betas. Not to mention that sinking feeling of ‘this will be the only time these get printed, and an agent will never want a 180k MS’.

Even still, the search for an agent will commence soon. I’m only waiting on a few more opinions. It’s choking my enthusiastic patience pretty bad, but at the same time I’m scared to death to start receiving those beautiful rejection letters.

What’s Next, and the Death of Codename: AoM
Last year I started a novel that, up until several days ago, I was committed to finishing. Because TBA is such a large manuscript, this ‘AoM’ project was meant to be my smaller fantasy novel to get me in the door if I couldn’t grab an agent with a 180k debut. I found after an eye-opening meeting with my writing group, that I no longer had passion in AoM, and my writing friends could tell when I handed them the first chapter. The book just wasn’t hitting home as many of my other stories/prompts do.

After a long chat with the family, we decided it would be best to simply continue forward with TBA’s sequel (from here on out, TBA 2). The first set of Betas has spoken–although I don’t dare believe them, they say TBA is good, and hardly able to be put down. In my pessimistic writer’s brain, such praise feels like a lie, a joke…

Regardless, here I am, about to start the sequel, with no real proof that the first book will even be nabbed by an agent. It is a rough leap of faith, for both my family and I, but after a long discussion, we have decided that this is for the best, at least for the next few months. I am scared beyond belief and hesitant. If by January 1st I have no bites on TBA, I will start drafting a different fantasy book altogether: A project I’ve had sitting around a long time; Codename: The Cat Book.

I don’t think Ill be truly happy until I can stop having a backup plan. I can only hope querying works out despite the book’s (TBA’s) size.

Blackletter was intended to be a fun side project I worked on with artist Matthew Spencer, and something I wanted to post the first draft of. Well, what a fool I was. The months have passed by and I find myself very, VERY, attached to Blackletter. So, at the moment, I am on the fence about posting anything so early. It has more potential than I expected.

Right now, it’s being worked on in my free time away from TBA and TBA 2. The coming months will decide how much I put online…


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