TBA 4th Draft Completed

You’ll have to forgive the fact I haven’t posted in nearly two months. Things have been incredibly busy and exciting in my writing life. Not to mention, still pulling the weight of several demanding illustration projects. I’ve been working 14.5 hours a day for nearly a month now–and before that I was running 10 hour shifts. I’m dying, but I’m happy.

After relentlessly cutting 96k out of a 298k draft, I finally finished this current draft of TBA. It took too long untangling the story to get it to a place that was manageable, but that draft is finally done–and I actually hit my goal to finish it by May 1. I’ve received wonderful praise and responses from my group of test readers.Now, it needs one more pass to fix residual plot funks, and get it down to my wordcount down to 175k or less. Then, it’ll go to the next set of beta-readers. Once I get the ‘okay’ from them, it’s querying time.

I’m hoping to be querying in September. I’m so, so ready. Even though the MS is long, I have a lot of hope for it based on what test reading groups have said.

In the meantime, I continue to storyline through ‘Blackletter’, the story whose first draft I’ll be posting online, illustrated by Matthew Spencer. My goal was to find time in May to write the first three chapters, but I might have to push it back to June to give “TBA” more time. (There was a large plothole in TBA that needs some rehashing I expect to take an additional 15 days of editing).

If you didn’t know, Blackletter will be posted one chapter every three weeks or so, depending on how I’m feeling. I’d work faster, but Codename: AoM is the shorter novel I’m working on just in case TBA has a problem querying due to size.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. May will be full of exciting edits and mushroom hunting.


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