Looking for Free Readable Material by Yours Truly?

One regret I have is that I have no free, finished content available online. And seriously, how is anyone going to be able to trust my word if I have no real writing here? I’ve been meaning to change this, but it’s taken a lot of thought. I have several short stories I’d like to publish here for free, but some of them I’ve been keeping under lock and key for Sci-Fi annuals and monthlies. I don’t want to post them until they’ve been rejected. (Or you know, accepted, that’d be great too…)

Fortunately, I’ve made some decisions. About six years ago, I wrote a couple of books for the illustrator Matthew Spencer. We meant to get them published, but the project sort of fell to the wayside after we both graduated college and started dipping into bigger things. “The Great Migration Trilogy” was European folklore, retold in an ‘American Frontier’ setting. I took a look at these books the other day and discovered that… although they are six years old, the writing isn’t so bad.

“The Great Migration”: Selkie. Written by D.C. McNaughton, Illustrated by Matthew Spencer

So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on editing these two short stories down in my free time and compiling them into a PDF to be available for free. The first book is a retelling of the Selkie tale, and the second is a retelling of Black Shuck. They are both fully illustrated, and I hope to work with Matt on reformatting them so the illustrations are available with the work… A task that may be harder than the editing itself.

The stories are 8,000 words and 12,000 words, so I’m hoping this project shouldn’t take too long. There are some pacing bumps and ‘elementary’ errors I made a lot of… so once all of that is fixed, the rest should be easy.

A Little Rumor…
On top of these two short stories, Matt and I have been working on a little something more over the last few weeks, and things are looking good. Soon, this material will be available as well. But the project comes second to my main manuscript (“White”), so updates on that will be slower. No hints yet on what it is, but boy is it cool.

I am also in the midst of working with Bela Ordas on a children’s book about a bored cat who lives in rural Japan. While such writing isn’t very exciting for adult readers, I’m still very enthusiastic to share more on that when the time comes. Bela has proven to be a genius in this style of work, and I’m very excited to see where it goes.

Next Week…

I’ll be compiling a blog entry about doing ‘sketches’ as a writer. No, not drawings, but 1500 word mind-barf blurbs to keep you in practice on those weeks/months you spend editing day in and day out. It will contain little bits and pieces about how you can keep your writer’s muscles stretched while also editing that big manuscript.


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