A Whole New Year.

2019 is special because I have finally come far enough in my studies that I can breathe fresh air again and start getting myself out there. With hopes of finalizing two manuscripts this year, I have a lot ahead of me, and I’m really excited.
I have been waiting for years and years to get the manuscript of “White” to where it is right now, and I’ve gotta say I can hardly believe it’s so close to being finished.

Thanks Matthew Spencer, for illuminating the worst rough-draft paragraph I ever wrote. It truly needed to be immortalized.

The mere fact I’m researching agents for this book right now has me screaming. Those who have been with me through the entire 15 year process and seen every rough draft know how crazy this ride has been for me.

I know a lot of you must be thinking… 15 years to write a book? That’s too long. Well, not really. I started “White” when I was 15. For a long time, the book was a learning process. I was getting used to how characters worked and how to weave plot. And I was young when I started! Every year I grew and matured, my characters did too. I was too young to understand most things like romance, and hate, and war, when I started. Now at 29, I’m a professional at love and loss.

The book itself went through about 10 entire rewrites from start to finish. But man, I learned a lot about foreshadowing, about character development, and about devotion. I love that I can go up into my closet and pull out the first draft of a 300k word book I wrote when I was 15. It’s horribly awesome, if I’m honest.

Now? I can write whole books in a month. And I love it. Thanks “White,” for raising me the way you have. I cannot wait to finish this journey with you.

As for other endeavors this year, I look forward to spending time with “Animals of Malice.” And things non-writing related? I have a lot of gardening to do… my family is adopting two cats… and of course I always need more chickens.

I am going to send in an application for the Clarion Writer’s Workshop… something that has me both incredibly excited and incredibly scared. If I don’t get into that, then I shall suck up my woes and find some conventions instead.

Back when I painted for a living, my social networking skills were out of this world. In writing, I’m still learning my way around promoting myself. After all, I ain’t got shit to show for a long time because I want to be traditionally published. Putting any work up is sort of out of the question, but I do hope to have some short stories published by year’s end.

Anyway, it should be an awesome, interesting year.


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